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How to Blowdry Your Hair: The Best Tips for Different Hair Types

How to Blowdry Your Hair: The Best Tips for Different Hair Types
Josie Wilkins
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There's nothing quite like stepping out of the hairdressers with a salon-fresh feel. An aura of confidence emanates with every step, letting the world know that it's a good hair day. Glossy strands that fall into a voluminous bounce- the salon blowdry seems like an art that only a professional can master. However, many aimlessly run the hairdryer all over and question why the results differ so much. It is, in fact, possible to achieve the silky, sheen look at home. The secret is the right products, attention to detail and knowing how to blowdry the hair, whether it is curly, wavy, or straight.

woman with blowdried curly hair

How to blowdry curly hair

Curly, coily tresses are a staple of beauty. However, they are also prone to breakage, frizz and dehydration. Therefore, blowdrying curly hair demands significantly more effort and care than straight or wavy blowdries. After cleansing the hair with a conditioning balm, time should be set aside to prepare the damp hair. The recommended hair product for blowdrying coils or curls is a deeply nourishing leave-in butter. The butter styles the hair for a smooth finish, giving curls a silky shine and helping to hold their bounce throughout the day. The more coils, the more product needed to achieve the right levels of hydration. The leave-in butter should be applied evenly from the root to the tip. Scrunch the curls up by hand to lock the butter in place and give the curl a boost, encouraging its spring.

The method of blowdrying curly hair does not require a hairdryer straight away. In fact, there is a new drying technique which has emerged in the curly haircare world, termed 'plopping'. There is a complete guide to plopping curly hair, but to summarize, it involves dipping the head into the center of a micro-fiber towel or cotton t-shirt and tying it into place to compact and scrunch wet curls onto the top of the head. This technique helps to retain the curls’ shape and volumize roots for that bouncy, silky finish. The micro-fiber or cotton t-shirt prevents friction and frizz so the hair cuticle can stay smooth.

woman looking at ends of hair

After 20 minutes of 'plopping', curly hair can be entirely blowdried with a diffuser at a low heat. Lightly place curls on the claw of the diffuser and put the diffuser close to the scalp, gently lifting hair at the root to add volume.

How to blowdry wavy hair

The method used to blowdry wavy hair is similar to the curly haired blow drying technique. However, before drying wavy hair, it's best to cleanse with a refreshing shampoo that will restore the appearance of dry, dull hair, such as the Christophe Robin Hydrating Shampoo with Aloe Vera.

To avoid tugging at waves and maintain their spring, use a leave-in mist that hydrates and detangles before drying wavy hair. Although wavy tresses aren't as delicate as curly coils, they too should be scrunched and air-dried before reaching the diffuser for minimum frizz and a supple shine.

How to blowdry straight hair

Straight hair with a low porosity tends to accumulate product in the scalp. It is therefore recommended to wash this type of hair with a purifying shampoo before blowdrying the hair straight. The Thermal Mud in Christophe Robin's purifying shampoo will balance the scalp and relieve the sensation of oily roots while the Baltic Sea red algae smooths the cuticle and extends the length of time between washes. Follow with a Purifying Conditioner Gelée to detangle.

Any remaining tangles can be gently brushed out with a Detangling Hairbrush, one of the best brushes for thick hair. Starting at the ends and working up the lengths, lightly stroke the strands until the brush runs smoothly from the roots to the tips. The hair can then be roughly dried until it is no longer wet, but damp. Following the rough dry, connect the nozzle to the hair dryer. The nozzle helps concentrate the airflow directly onto the hair you're working on so the section is blow dried straight down.

blowdrying tip


Hold the Pre-Curved Blowdry Hairbrush close to the roots with the hair draped over it. The nozzle should follow up and out with the brush to create volume at the roots. However, the hairdryer should always be pointed with the air blowing down so the cuticle is kept closed for a smooth finish. To ensure the hair is fully dry, cover each section by pinning up the top layers and unpin as you go.

woman with long black silky hair

No matter what the hair type, it is possible to achieve the salon-fresh look and feel on any day of the week. It simply requires a sufficient amount of effort, attention, and knowledge on how to blowdry your hair.

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