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{Learn more about the Color Shield Regimen.}

Christophe Robin’s Color Shield range offers a two-step ritual to keep your hair color looking luminous and glossy between salon treatments. The color shield shampoo and color shield mask have been expertly formulated to provide care for colored, bleached and highlighted hair. Color fade can be caused by many things, including over-washing, stripping cleansers, outside aggressors and hard water. Protect the vibrancy of your hair with Christophe Robin’s colored hair products that give you instant results and lasting benefits helping to restore multi-dimensional depth to tired-looking tones.

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Why Christophe Robin Color Shield Regimen?

The Christophe Robin Color Shield Regimen is developed to preserve and heighten your chosen shade. The two key ingredients are the nurturing oil from Camu-camu berries to nourish hair for beautiful softness, Pomelo extract, rich in malic acid, helps protect against discoloration and Phytosterols from crambe oil provide a veil that enhances color intensity so it appears more vibrant. This two-step color protection ritual offers complete care for colored, bleached and highlighted hair to prolong color intensity.