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5 different types of shampoo | Discover your daily essential

Lydia Williams-Grant
Writer and expert2 years ago
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Beautiful hair starts when you lather up in the shower, but if you truly want to get the best out of your hair you need more than a one-size-fits-all approach. If you often find yourself wondering “what is the best shampoo for my hair type?”, take a moment to discover the benefits of using a cleanser tailored to your hair’s unique needs.  

What are the benefits of choosing a shampoo tailored to your hair type? 

Just as a daily facial cleanser tailored to your skin type preps your skin for additional products and lays the foundation for flawless make-up application, using the right shampoo for your hair type will transform the appearance of your hair 

While the wrong shampoo can sabotage your strands, choosing the right one offers a host of benefits including:  

  • A well moisturised, flake-free scalp  
  • Balanced natural oils, without excess grease or sebum  
  • An optimum environment for hair growth   
  • Hydrated, nourished hair that’s less prone to tangles and breakage  
  • Improved comfort 

How to choose the correct shampoo 

The first step in choosing the best shampoo is determining your specific hair type. Your hair can change over time, so it’s worth checking in regularly so you can switch up the bathroom essential to suit your needs.  

Understanding your hair type is all about paying attention to a few simple factors:  

  • Texture – is your hair straight, wavy, curly or coily?  
  • Density – is your hair fine and flat or thick and unruly?  
  • Scalp – is your scalp dry and irritation-prone or able to tolerate a variety of products? 
  • Style – is your hair long or short?  
  • Colour – is your hair in its virgin state or has it been chemically processed?  
  • Lifestyle – is your hair vulnerable to pollution, chlorine or other environmental factors?  

From protecting coloured strands to purifying the scalp or providing intense hydration, Christophe Robin has a complete range of expertly-formulated solutions for all hair types and concerns. Ready to discover your perfect match? Get acquainted with five of Christophe Robin’s transformative, luxury cleansers and their benefits for various hair types and enrich your routine with everyday indulgence. 

5 Different Types of Shampoo 

The Best Shampoo for Sensitive or Oily Scalps


If it’s time for a detox then you must try this bestselling exfoliating shampoo, formulated to detoxify and soothe sensitive or oily scalps. This deep cleanser refreshes the scalp and removes daily build-up, helping to calm any sensations of itching or discomfort. The Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt is best used once a week or post-colouring. Its exfoliating and soothing properties help the scalp to feel rebalanced and purified, leaving hair looking beautifully fresh and shiny. 

The Best Shampoo for Fine Hair


Dreaming of volume? This daily-use shampoo is formulated to give fine, flat hair a natural-looking lift. With a nourishing, gel-texture this shampoo for fine hair boosts volume as it gently cleanses, bringing instant body to thin, flat strands. It adds visible fullness, so hair appears denser and feels thicker. Enriched with Centifolia Rose Water, famous for its hydrating and soothing properties, and rich in minerals such as Magnesium, Iron, Calcium, Sodium and Potassium this formula encourages strength, resistance and volume from the roots to the tips of your hair.  

The Best Shampoo to Repair


Formulated to nourish and revitalise damaged hair, discover the transformative benefits of a precious natural treasure. Prickly pear oil, with a high concentration of Omegs-6s, Omega-9s and Vitamin E, gently cleanses dry or damaged hair to provide long-lasting protection and reparation. This regenerating shampoo renders hair stronger with a sleek, glossy finish and looks healthy and revitalised.  

The Best Shampoo for Colour Treated Hair


Keep colour fresher for longer with Christophe Robin’s Colour Shield Shampoo, perfect for lustrous colour that defies time. This gently cleansing shampoo is expertly formulated to help lock in colour radiance for longer and protect hair from looking faded. Maintain a lustrous, glossy, freshly-coloured look with the help of camu-camu berries and protein-rich macadamia oil. Use alongside your chosen Christophe Robin Shade Variation Mask to Restore multi-dimensional depth to tired-looking tones, expertly conceal greys and let your vivid hair personality shine true for longer.   

The Best Shampoo for Dry Hair


Have you been struggling with how to treat dry hair? Aloe Vera is nature’s remedy for all manner of things, but it’s also the perfect partner for dehydrated hair. This refreshing, hydrating shampoo invigorates the scalp and helps restore the appearance of dry, dull hair as it gently cleanses, leaving hair looking luminous and shiny. Expertly formulated with nourishing Aloe vera and Vitamin E-rich Olive Oil, this cleanser is perfect for those whose strands lack lustre.  

“Which shampoo is best for my hair type?”

Still unsure which of these five different types of shampoo is the perfect match for your routine? If your hair type or concern is one not explored above, unlock your hair’s full potential today by browsing Christophe Robin’s complete collection of luxury cleansers. 

Lydia Williams-Grant
Writer and expert
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