5 Autumn Hair Colors to Refresh a New Season Look

When summer comes to an end, many welcome the change of season with open arms. As the air becomes crisp, temperatures drop and responsibilities return, autumn is a time when most decide to revisit their wardrobes, accessories, and of course, their hair. Autumn hair colors take inspiration from the brilliant hues of nature during this time, such as the pathways filled with golden and copper foliage. Summer is cherished for its long, bright days and winter for its festive feel. Meanwhile, autumn is undoubtedly the season known for its beauty, both in nature and in style.

So, to immerse yourself in this charming season, here are Christophe Robin’s five autumn hair colors for some hair refreshment.

Chestnut Hair

To begin, there is chestnut hair. This autumn hair color is the perfect way to step into a darker shade as the colder months approach, without making a change too drastic. Chestnut hair combines brown with red hues, adding an element of dimension to the hair that results in an easy-to-wear brown that can bring out the warmth in the complexion.

If you already have chestnut hair but have found that post-summer the hair has lost its hue and has some discoloration and fading, try the Christophe Robin Shade Variation Mask in Warm Chestnut. This mask works to glaze strands in a unique blend of dark caramel pigments and cocoa butter to help neutralize yellowing and enrich chestnut tones.

Dark Golden Blonde Hair

woman with golden blonde hair

Next is dark golden blonde hair, a great option for those with blonde hair looking to go darker, or brunettes seeking lighter strands.  This mixture of honey and golden tones of blonde is undoubtedly eye-catching while being timeless and flattering for all styles and ages.

A point to note about dark golden blonde hair, however, is that it can quite easily adopt brassy tones. Many factors can contribute to this brassiness that occurs throughout time, from chlorine in swimming pools to whether the area in which you live has hard water or soft water.

To maintain dark golden blonde hair, use the Christophe Robin Shade Variation Mask in Golden Blond to revive the original shade. With its formula of a unique blend of golden honey pigments and apricot oil, it adds warmth and richness resulting in a radiant golden shade.

Copper Blonde Hair

Copper blonde hair is an autumn hair color that is seen year in, year out. The blend of red and bronze tones is effortlessly chic and incredibly flattering, especially on those with fair skin. Copper blonde hair has a soft finish and can be styled in any way- from long waves to short layers.

For those who have been blessed with this shade of hair naturally, as autumn approaches try the Christophe Robin Shade Variation Mask in  Chic Copper to enhance the beauty of hair’s natural tone or simply apply the mask to refresh color-treated and highlighted hair in between treatments. This mask uses a unique blend of copper pigments and carrot oil to neutralize yellow tones and help revitalize the richness and shine of elegant copper.

Light Chocolate Brown Hair

Autumn hair colors are all about that transition from the light, fun shades of the summer to the deeper tones that come with winter. This is why light chocolate brown hair is favorable for this time of year. Most chocolate brown tones fall on the medium to dark side which can result in a harsh contrast between the hair and skin. However, this light alternative still achieves that brunette gloss while keeping things light. This is why this autumn hair colour pairs well with almost all kinds of skin tones.

To maintain this hue of light chocolate brown hair all season, it’s important to follow a Colour Shield Regimen with natural ingredients that will not strip the hair of its freshly toned look. This duo of shampoo and conditioner with camu-camu berries prevents pigment loss and helps lock in color radiance for longer to maintain a lustrous, glossy, freshly-colored look.

Ash Icy Blonde Hair

icy ash blonde hair

Finally, we have ash icy blonde hair. Within this autumn hair color are undertones of grey, silver, and blonde. Ash icy blonde hair is certainly on the cool side of the color spectrum, giving it an incredibly stylish, clean finish, but also one that requires an extra touch of care to maintain.

To reduce brassiness as much as possible, avoid exposing the dyed strands to water that contains chlorine and again, try to implement a regime with products that work to lock the color into place. What’s more, bleached hair colors tend to require more moisture to avoid damage. Therefore, with ash icy blonde hair, use products that work to infuse moisture into the strands, such as Christophe Robin’s Hydrating Melting Mask with Aloe Vera will help to enhance the shine and reduce frizz when massaged into the hair every few washes.

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