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Hair Thickening Pastes

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Created for both women and men, Christophe Robin’s range of hair pastes provides an instant boost and feeling of thickness for fine or thinning hair. Made with formulas that cleanse and instantly lift the roots, the end result is hair that feels thicker and more voluminous. Made with gentle, natural ingredients such as Tahitian algae and pure rassoul Moroccan volcanic clay, these scrubs have been designed to deeply cleanse and support the hair fiber against breakage, leaving hair feeling strong. Restore life into your strands and discover the Christophe Robin range of hair pastes today.
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Why Christophe Robin Hair Thickening Pastes?

Christophe Robin offers a range of natural-origin hair pastes that are formulated to deliver instant thickening and volumizing results and long-lasting benefits. All hair types can find the help they need to stay looking and feeling healthy now with this carefully curated collection. No matter your concern the search is over. If you seek volumizing rose extracts or deeply cleansing rassoul, your salon-quality hair pastes at home have arrived.