How to maintain your highlights

How to maintain your highlights

The highlighting process involves opening the hair cuticle to eliminate its natural pigment.
The cuticles usually stay open which is why it’s important to provide deep care to highlighted hair. Because the cuticle is open, your hair is prone to becoming more porous, resulting in yellowing, turning dull, absorbing smells and harsh minerals from the shower tap.

Here is what you SHOULD do to maintain your highlights:

1. Always use a plant oil on your hair

Before your hair salon appointment, once a week as a night treatment, at the beach… it will protect your colour, deeply nourish the hair fibre and enhance shine.

2. For natural highlights, the best technique is to make them very fine at the roots and much larger towards the ends

That way, it’s more low maintenance and if taken care of they will last you much longer!

3. Use a shampoo with low detergent

You would not wash your cashmere or silks with a harsh detergent, same for your hair, a gentle shampoo like my cleansing mask with lemon will provide a thorough but very gentle cleanse all the while protecting and nourishing the hair.
Another excellent option for highlighted hair, my antioxidant cleansing milk which contains 10% of oils which will only grasp the most porous streaks and restructure the hair.
It’s important to always rinse very thoroughly!

4. My shade variation care masks are ideal because unlike chemical glosses they will enhance your colour, eliminate any yellowing and boost shine

The baby blonde will remove brassiness and yellowing
The golden blonde will add some honey, golden tones
The warm chestnut will caramelize your highlights, adding warmth to your colour
The chic copper will give strawberry blonde tones to your highlights
The ash brown will neutralize brassy tones for a cool result
Extra tip: my cleansing mask with lemon can be mixed with the shade variation care mask of your choice for optimal results! It will leave your hair incredibly nourished, shiny and vibrant colour.

5. If your highlights are feeling a bit dull because of tap water, styling products, and so on, use the clarifying shampoo with chamomile and cornflower extracts

Apply it on dry hair and let it sit for a few minutes before washing your hair. It will bring light to your colour and make them feel overall brighter and lighter!

6. When you exercise, I always recommend protecting your hair with a plant oil

Whether it’s sweet almond oil or my moisturizing hair oil with lavender, it’s important to protect your colour when working out.
Sweat naturally oxidizes hair as the hair cuticle opens up when you work out, it’s the best time to apply oil as it will get deep into the hair fibre.

7. Just like you use a moisturizer on your face every day, you shouldn’t forget your hair!

My moisturizing hair cream will help prevent split-ends, protect your hair from heat tools and pollution and also contains an SPF which will also protect your hair from UV rays.
My hydrating mist with aloe vera is also a great option to keep your locks hydrated all day long!

Here are a few things you SHOULD NOT do:

1. Try to avoid styling products

When the alcohol contained in those products evaporates it reopens the hair cuticles and makes them porous again.

2. Avoid washing your hair too often

You only need a little amount of shampoo and then use the water to emulsify it.
Your conditioner and mask should only go on your lengths and don’t forget to rinse everything really well!

3. Don’t use just any comb or hairbrush to detangle your hair

With highlights, your hair becomes more fragile, hence more prone to breakage.
Choose a gentle option like a boar bristle brush and start by your ends, working your way up.

4. Avoid chemical glosses

It’s like putting makeup on dry and dirty skin. Instead, try the shade variation care masks which will deeply nourish and repair the hair all the while correcting and reviving your colour.

5. Don’t do your highlights too often

You might lose in contrast in the long term and it won’t look as natural!

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