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What to do with your post-summer hair?

What to do with your post-summer hair?

Feel your hair dry and damaged hair by the sun? It’s time to give your Summer hair some much-needed attention…
Here are a few steps to deeply repair them!

Get your colour done… but repair your hair first!

Sun exposure can leave your hair looking a little dull and locks that looked glowing next to your bronzed skin might seem washed out next to a pale complexion.
Brunettes, add rich tones to your hair (auburn, chestnut, chocolate…) to maintain a flattering balance. Blondes, gold tones will always illuminate your complexion.
Extra tip: apply my moisturizing hair oil with lavender on your hair before your salon appointment. This will protect your hair during the process and result in a more vibrant colour.

Give your colour a boost!

My shade variation care masks will eliminate unwanted tones due to oxidation from the sun and deeply nourish the hair:
– Baby blonde: will remove any yellow tones.
– Golden blonde: will bring back some warm honey tones.
– Chic copper: will remove yellowing and bring back copper tones.
– Warm chestnut: will caramelize highlights.
– Ash brown: will remove brassy or red tones to bring back a cool, pure brown tone.

Time for a haircut

It’s the perfect time to get those frayed and fried ends out of the way and start fresh with healthy ends that will show off your hairstyle.

Prepare your hair for the changing season

The transition from summer to fall is always the toughest one, the lack of light impacts hormones and this is one reason for hair loss!
To minimize that, a healthy diet containing omega-3 fatty acids is essential to keep your hair strong and looking healthy and shiny.


The sun might not be as strong, but hydrating your locks will keep them healthy and protect them from heat tools, pollution and UV rays.
My moisturizing hair cream will prevent hair breakage, split-ends and will enhance shine and hydration! It also contains an SPF which will protect your hair during the day!

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