Introducing: the new hydrating line!

Introducing: the new hydrating line!

From the very beginning, I have always found inspiration from my clients in my salon. When creating my new line, I worked towards answering a few of my clients’ questions :
Why is my hair dull and losing its elasticity and bounce? – Why is my hair prone to static electricity? – Why does my hair inflate at the slightest sign of humidity?
These signs all have the same cause: dehydrated hair!
Factors that lead to dehydrated hair usually involve the wind, the cold weather, the sun, friction when wearing helmets or scarves… and the list goes on.

Moisturizing your hair is as essential as moisturizing your skin every day.

Hence, my new hydrating line with aloe vera! Aloe vera is a true natural treasure. Originally from South and East Africa, it can be used internally (food supplements, aloe vera juice, etc.) for its astringent, immunostimulant, digestive and antibacterial properties as well as externally (as a cream, shampoo or gel) for its healing, hydrating and soothing virtues… A real miniature pharmacy! The benefits of aloe vera have been recognized for thousands of years! The proof is, the Mayans called it the “source of youth” while the Egyptians called it the “plant of immortality”…

Rich in pure aloe vera juice, a true concentrate of moisture, vitamins and nutrients, my 3 new products meet all your hydration needs!

You will find that this line is:
– 98% to 100% made of natural-origin ingredients
– Suitable for all hair types and for men & women
– Fast and simple
– A truly natural result for hydrated, light and shiny hair!

How does it work?

1. Start by gently cleansing, with 2 options!

With my hydrating shampoo bar with aloe vera:
A completely ecological way of cleansing, which respects your skin, hair and our planet!
Inspired by traditional soaps, it is:
– 100% natural
– handmade (cold saponification process)
– vegan
– free of synthetic agents!
Composed of aloe vera, castor oil and glycerin, this soap gently cleanses the hair and scalp without damaging their protective barriers. It will leave your hair hydrated* and full of body and vitality.
It is +: 2-in-1, for hair and body! It’s also an ideal format you can take with you wherever you like!
– or with my hydrating shampoo with aloe vera:
If the solid shampoo bar is not for your, my hydrating shampoo is also a great option, composed of 98.6% natural-origin ingredients! It’s ideal for frequent use and gently cleanses the hair and scalp. Enriched with aloe vera, a rich blend of water, vitamins and nutrients known for its soothing and hydrating* properties, this product leaves your hair pleasantly light, silky and shiny!
It is +: with a creamy lather and an invigorating scent, it provides an instant feeling of comfort and freshness, for hair that looks visibly healthier.

2. Hydrate & detangle!

With my hydrating leave-in mist with aloe vera:
As a final touch, spray this leave-in mist on towel-dry hair to make detangling easier! Concentrated in 98% natural-origin ingredients, it is composed of pure aloe vera gel and an active plant ingredient with proven soothing properties, which restores the scalp’s comfort. The mist leaves your hair soft, hydrated and visibly healthier.
The extra tip: the mist can also be applied onto dry hair to freshen up or create texture! For men, women, short hair, long hair… It gives body, freshness and a natural finish! (And, yes, it’s silicone-free!)

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